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On an island in the Gulf of Mexico, a secret space project was carried out; however, it was canceled for unknown reasons and the staff left the island. Two years later, five engineers returned to the island to do research. One night one of them wakes up hearing strange noises and realizes that his companions have disappeared.

The full game is now available on steam with a 15% discount. In the summer of 2021 a free DLC will be released with more content for the game.

Steam Page:


Minimum system requirements :

SO: Windows 7 64 Bits

CPU: Intel i3


VIDEO CARD: Nvidia 1050  or equivalent. FREE SPACE:  1 GB.

Mouse and Keyboard.

You can play this game with an Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller.

Updated 10 days ago
Published 21 days ago
TagsFPS, Horror, Mystery, Survival Horror

Install instructions

Unpack and play.


OVNI Abduction Demo.rar 509 MB


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Dude this game was so scary bro, that peephole jump scare did me in. I don't why but i was trying to speak Espanol to the aliens. 10\10 i was too scared to finish the game so I'm coming back next vid to finish it :)

That was pretty fun! Made you a lil video: 

I Love this game. Really remind me of Silent hill! i recommend yall to give it a try !

All I have to say is the ambiance and suspense killed me!!! Loved everything about it except for the darkness (recording wise) other than that really good job! P.s you are the second part of the video

I gave it a go - 

Начало игры мне понравилось,но когда началась беготня по территории интерес к игре упал и хотелось поскорее её закончить к сожалению

This game is SO MUCH FUN!!! I love me a good ol alien showdown :D heres my video if you want a good laugh! 

😂 I had some fun!! 

Yo, amazing game! Loved it! The graphic and the story were awesome! Is there going to be a full version too on itch.io?

me after take the first gun: suffer not the alien, purge the xenos

cannot wait to play the full version , was so good. Amazing atmosphere. 

Hello, cool game you are building! I made a review of your demo to give some feedback and tips to your upcomming game, all good intentions.

Hello. This is a great game ! Well made.  Looking forwards to the full release! Game here : 

Looking forward to the full release.
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great game

Great tension and setting. Scares really got us. Awesome job! 

Very nice work, quite a good starting point for a game and genuinely unnerving and scary in places.

Wondering what the full version will be like.

Matthew H,  https://matthornb.itch.io/

Jogo muito bom cheio de sustos e cagaços


Superb game! I really enjoyed the looping and the different jump scares throughout! It made me feel like I was being observed! The controls were great, the little bits of story I could gather were awesome, and I can't wait to see more! 

Congratulations and I wish for you success a lot. :) Videos:


Alien Boi

Clear eyes

This game didn't do a very good job scaring me, but I definitely had fun with it. I enjoyed the attention to detail, and the environment as a whole. I feel like this game needs to pick its side tho. Are you trying to scare me? Or am I too have fun. 9 fully scanned Janices out of 10... spicy.


I Cant Hate on Any Game That Actually Gave Me any Kinda Scare.. It was a Cool Experience just for the simple fact there was Aliens in this horror game, not many recent games out here with Aliens Being the case. Nice one From Vanadial 

Abduction is a cheap P.T. wannabe that instead of actually trying to be scary and building atmosphere, chooses to just continuosly spam you with loud jumpscares randomly and for no reason, completely ruining any kind of creepy atmosphere that might otherwise develope, making this game extremely infuriating and frustrating to play.
If you want a free horror  game with many cheap jumpscares, play Ultimate Custom Night, that game has atleast fun gameplay (unlike Abduction, which is just a walking simulator). 1/10

This is one of those very rare 10/10 type games. I'm normally not even the type to be afraid of aliens in movies, shows, etc. but this... made me a changed woman. Insanely good game and I can't wait to play the full game upon it's upcoming release!

Not enough games implement horror and aliens! This was really good!

el mejor juego del 2021
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con memes


Thank you for playing the game.


I REALLY BAD WANTED TO SHOOT ALIENS!!!!!!!!! Great game the start of the game is REALLY slow and 4/10 scary but the jumpscares that are in the start are a 9/10 for sure, but its really slow.. overall i give 7/10 because i love aliens

Thank you for playing the game.


Thank you for playing the game.

Interesting concept. Was a tiny bit boring in some sections but overall that is a retty good game. Would play the full Version.

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Thank you for playing the game.

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pretty cool game I enjoyed it

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Thank you for playing the game.

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This game was really fun i enjoyed it my quality is really bad I'm not the best at making youtube videos but here's my video! (CRINGE WARNING) 

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Thank you for playing the game.

This game was a huge surprise for me. Though it does start off a little slow, it picks up, and it picks up fast. Also, it's so refreshing having a developer bring an experience that doesn't involve ghosts or demons. Thank you dev! I can't wait for the full release.

Thank you for playing.

Demo muy interesante y prometedor de lo que parece ser un buen juego de terror, espero con ansias el 30 de marzo.

Gracias por jugarlo.

I was waiting for a horror game that finally utilized an extraterrestrial angle! Being in space with lasers don’t scare me, but the grounded idea of Earth being visited is a frightening thought. I’m happy to say that this delivers; at least, from what I’ve experienced so far. There’s a very familiar gameplay scenario at first, but then makes a sharp turn... definitely unexpected, but certainly welcome. Now I can’t wait to play the full release! 

Thank you for playing the game.

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