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An episodic low poly game, inspired by No Man's Sky, Journey and films like 2001 Space Oddysey. This is only a prologue, wait for the first episode.

A thousand years ago there was a mystical civilization with enough power to bring people back from the dead. However, for unknown reasons they disappeared. Rumors say they still exist and communication with them is possible, but it is necessary to activate five monoliths and then a mysterious communication device will appear somewhere in the galaxy.

Important! I recommend using the following resolutions 1280x720 or 1360x768.



Ignacio Cantú


Programmer and 3D Model

Alan Román

If you like to support the game for biggers maps, more content and voice acting you can do it by donating: www.patreon.com/vanadial.

First episode will be released in August 2017.

© Copyright 2017 Vanadial.

Published May 13, 2017
StatusIn development
GenreAdventure, Survival
TagsExploration, Horror, Low-poly, Mystery, plataforms, Space


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Longview 24 MB


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Absolutely amazing, well done Vanadial games and all those involved. The graphics are just well.. sweet.

Here's my play through. I want more.



Absolutely Loved this game and can't wait to get more of it in August, super interesting story!! 

Really loved this game, I was expecting it to be calm and relaxing.. Took me by surprise :D

Not sure how much of the game you've changed since some of the below comments, but I had no problem jumping! I really enjoyed this little narrative and look forward to the chapters, but I do hope the gameplay gets shaken up a bit—imagining repeating that task 4 more times isn't exactly a fun thought.

But the prologue by itself was good! I had a lot of fun exploring and activating everything, and although I didn't understand the "stalker" very much, I thought the experience was really well made for a small indie game. Keep it up, please. :)

Hi, when did you download the game? Long time a go?

Maybe a couple weeks.

I enjoyed it, nice visuals and really liked the music. Interesting premise too. Quite easy though, was the guardian thing supposed to chase you? As it remained in one place on my playthrough it didn't pose much of a threat.

I tried to enjoy this game, seriously.

But the frustrating platforming totally ruined the experience for me. It felt lazy and unnecesarily difficult. I mean, precise jumping when you've got no idea where the character or their feet are? My suspension of disbelief was completely obliterated at that point.

By the time the info dump began, I couldn't care less for what the character was saying as hard as I tried.

Also, the returning to the ship repeated twice. As I reached the ship, the screen went white and I was at the monolith again. Was it intended? It looked like a bug or something.

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Thanks for playing longview, the return to the monolith is because you died by the fire and the explosions before arriving at the ship, is a checkpoint. I'm considering making the plataform section easier.

Strange. As I "died" in front of the ship, I thought the fade-in to white was part of a cutscene or something, only to find it reset. Maybe an indicator that the character's been damaged or a "you're dead" or something could have been more illustrative of the situation. Just my opinion.