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Played it for my channel. The scares got me good but I was never able to find the amulet.

The jumpscares got me good.

That bunny tho!



Markiplier played your game and had some very good advice to give!

I really enjoyed this game! This bunny creature with the chainsaw got me soo good lol

Great game!! Amazing atmosphere. And setting up a back story! Full release soon? 

Here's my play through!


this game was really really freaky!! but amazing!! the one eyed guy nearly made me sh*t my pants XD my heart nearly exploded :'D really awesome job on creating this game :D

The game is pretty okay, but I feel as though it may rely too heavily on Silent Hill elements for its identity. The amulet was impossible to find, and some things were really hard to see if they were interactive or not.

Granted, chainsaw bunnies and eye monsters are a thrill. Keep it up! Polish this sculpture, and make it into something memorable!

Finally found the amulet. I've no idea how I got it though! Magic maybe? 

So wait, was the 'Amulet' just invisible or not there until you Fail once? I sorta don't like that since I saw the amulet during editing wasn't where it was, either that or it's randomly placed and I didn't see it? Game forces you to lose/die to the countdown on purpose? :l

Had the same issue myself. It seems to be just random for me!

Really cool game.. Got me good a few times :D 

This game made me feel..all kinds of things.. ayy I have to say I screamed more here than I did in a while the jump scares from stuff I swear its tough to be strong, but I do like the story you tryna find your daughter and stuff, gameplay is awesome think I should have started the recording in one screen active hah amateur move but had fun I got to the end, and I feel like there should be more! so overall I enjoyed this experience and would hope you finish the game!

So this game hit the pc pretty hard. No matter how low I turned down the settings, it still lagged a bit. If it weren't for recording on the same system, I'm sure it would've been fine. Anywho! The game had a pretty terrifying atmosphere and I could definitely sense some Silent Hill inspiration here. I loved Sugar and really wished that he had played a bigger role in the gameplay. I definitely enjoyed the experience and it was a nice, short getaway from more difficult stresser games that I've been playing recently. Thanks so much for making this!

Really creepy experience! Some really weird things too like the bathroom lol 

What a cocktail of excitement and terror.

The Silent Hill references were a little on the nose, but it was fairly good overall. Seemed like a strange place to end it though.

i cant get it to unzip. at all.

Same here...

That's so weird try to download again.

that's what she said...

While at the time there wasn't an english version, I really liked the vibe of the game. Even more so because I didn't understand what was shown to me. Keep it up.

J'ai bien aimé le jeu et  son ambiance parfaitement lugubre! Mais qu'arrive-t-il à Julia? Embrasse-t-elle son destin dans les bras du lapinou à la tronçonneuse? Vivement la suite!

Grass your mother


You managed to create a game with a eerie atmosphere!
The whole derelict apartment building scene with the twist of the building actually being "alive" make an unsettling setting.
On top of that, I was surprised to see this good visuals for an indie game! All the props had crisp textures with nicely done lighting!
The inspiration from the silent hill games is apparent, but not a deal breaker for me. I actually found it interesting.
The gameplay wasn't like the silent hill games though. Having to look around for the amulet with the timer a couple of times is an interesting touch. Things changed each time, until the amulet was acquired.
I really enjoyed the whole package! I hope you continue developing the game.
I wish you the best with your projects!!

Quick Critique: As much as i enjoyed the concept of the game, i felt like it borrowed too many aspects from the Silent Hill franchise. A lot of games are guilty of this, but it could easily be avoided. And the monsters were very interesting, but again, the rabbit reminded me too much of Robbie from Silent Hill 4. But, it was a fun quick game to complete. Even if I couldn't find the silver medal? 

Excellent silent hill inspired horror game strong atmosphere the siren was so great to hear again cool creepy game

This game was very terrifying! Great job :D 

SH*TTIEST HORROR GAME | Indagar Full Gameplay Walkthrough

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Had to say I enjoyed this up until the obvious Silent Hill bit. After that it left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. It's a shame because as I said up until that point I was enjoying myself. I thought honest feedback would be far more helpful to you than simply just telling you what you want to hear. All the best though! 

Where is the AMULET?? Someone please help! 

Very Very loud XD god damn it was spooky

Very interesting game, its very loud :O - short game, I feel like the daughter could've been included a bit more though-

The look of it reminds me of Five Nights at Freddys

hey hey! as many others, I just uploaded a gameplay video for this awesome indie!

but [[BONUS]] I didn't  show the ending (too spooky), so you can still check it out for yourself after seeing my video! I would love your feedback! <3<3

Really atmospheric, creepy bunny with a chainsaw amazing


That's gteat game! I enjoyed play! 
I liked the gloomy atmosphere.

A very atmospheric and creepy game. Congrats so far... :)

The game was soooo good. I really enjoyed it. Keep it up


my channel:

watch video here:

I was waiting and, waiting to get scared and, then BAM  the bookshelf made me jump 10 feet in the air. I enjoyed what you did with this game. I would have liked to see some mexican style horror in this but, maybe on your next project we will see that. Keep up the good work!

okay.... first, the good things. Sound design is excellent and super SUPER creepy...
My main gripe... the game doesn't seem to be true full screen? in the beginning, my mouse can leave the screen and go over to my second monitor AND - OBS video recorder can not detect the game using "Game Capture" which detects full screen applications
I had to use "display capture" which is not ideal

the game itself had frame skips and the video capture is even worse. when I first open the EXE of course it asks what graphical level to display and I put Ultra, thinking there would be no problem. However, if I had been given a choice in-game, I probably would've turned the graphic quality down to try to improve the frame-rate.

I really enjoyed the game itself so I am going to try to use the game footage I got, which I'll share with you later if I end up publishing a video. Thanks for your game, I look forward to seeing future projects!

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Hi, thank you for playing Indagar I'm sorry you had a bad experience recording the game. I do not use dual screen so I never thought about that when I developed the game. It seems that several youtubers are having problems recording the game. I will create a menu to change  graphic quality and see if the frames are improved, however you are the first to mention frame skip.  Try to run the game in lower resolution that definitly will help.

thanks friend! I left my comment purely as a means for you to improve the game for as many people as possible :)
It was scary as hell, and the footage I recorded is still usable!

Great game Man Looking forward for future games

Very creepy game. It's been so long since a game has used subtle hints to progress that it caught me off guard (in a good way). The graphics are great and the atmosphere and audio is spot on. good stuff.

That was a shocking experience, I look forward to seeing how this one plays out in the next part.  Good game.  5/5.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

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