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Silly rabbit... Trix are for mothers looking for their daughters... 

Really Cool Game. 5/5

This Game was really entertaining! Are you going to release the full game or was this project canceled? 

I included this game in my montage. Thanks again for an amazing work!

Good game, Didn't know there was a second demo, will absolutely check that out as well. (Considering that I still want to know what's actually going on lol)

So when you place the medals and the walls get...blooded.... I watched a couple playthroughs and it seems to switch what it is that knocks you out in the hallway, is there anything more to that or is it just random?

Play the second demo: there's more gameplay and story in that version.

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This game is pretty spooky and the atmosphere is pot on! Although doesn't run smoothly on my PC, the framerate is choppy on both quality settings and it would need some need optimization. I like it tho :)

Once again I find myself getting in a pickle with Sugar but I look forward to seeing the rest of this.  Keep me informed.  5/5.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

check out my gameplay if you d like? :D

Deleted post

What a scary game! I really enjoyed it! Very good job! I made a video playing it. 

I hope you enjoy!

Too short game

Pretty fun game, I thought it was weird how you get the Silver Amulet.

this was interesting! I had some fun while playing this game! NIce job! 

Buen juego espero que pronto este terminado. 


I have to say thanks for this page and right now i dont supported it but here is my small channel and the video that i did today: 

Im from Spain and i did it for my spanish community.

Thanks  and good job

Just uploaded a video on your game, I gave my honest thoughts about it at the end. Personally I didn't think it was very good, it's a lot better than some of the indie horror games I have played in the past but, it wasn't good. But I did find entertainment out of it so I had fun with this video haha. 

idk what to do in this game.. im lost

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The demo does have its merits. The jumpscare got me, I won’t lie. 

The toilet legs were a highlight, but I couldn’t find that silver amulet anywhere.

Here’s the video of my play through for any interested.

Well! I definitely actually hurt my throat playing this game...I love screaming, but jesus!

I am a virtual youtuber in Japan. I enjoyed this game!

Played it for my channel. The scares got me good but I was never able to find the amulet.

The jumpscares got me good.

That bunny tho!



Markiplier played your game and had some very good advice to give!

I really enjoyed this game! This bunny creature with the chainsaw got me soo good lol

Great game!! Amazing atmosphere. And setting up a back story! Full release soon? 

Here's my play through!


this game was really really freaky!! but amazing!! the one eyed guy nearly made me sh*t my pants XD my heart nearly exploded :'D really awesome job on creating this game :D

The game is pretty okay, but I feel as though it may rely too heavily on Silent Hill elements for its identity. The amulet was impossible to find, and some things were really hard to see if they were interactive or not.

Granted, chainsaw bunnies and eye monsters are a thrill. Keep it up! Polish this sculpture, and make it into something memorable!

Finally found the amulet. I've no idea how I got it though! Magic maybe? 

So wait, was the 'Amulet' just invisible or not there until you Fail once? I sorta don't like that since I saw the amulet during editing wasn't where it was, either that or it's randomly placed and I didn't see it? Game forces you to lose/die to the countdown on purpose? :l

Had the same issue myself. It seems to be just random for me!

Really cool game.. Got me good a few times :D 

This game made me feel..all kinds of things.. ayy I have to say I screamed more here than I did in a while the jump scares from stuff I swear its tough to be strong, but I do like the story you tryna find your daughter and stuff, gameplay is awesome think I should have started the recording in one screen active hah amateur move but had fun I got to the end, and I feel like there should be more! so overall I enjoyed this experience and would hope you finish the game!

So this game hit the pc pretty hard. No matter how low I turned down the settings, it still lagged a bit. If it weren't for recording on the same system, I'm sure it would've been fine. Anywho! The game had a pretty terrifying atmosphere and I could definitely sense some Silent Hill inspiration here. I loved Sugar and really wished that he had played a bigger role in the gameplay. I definitely enjoyed the experience and it was a nice, short getaway from more difficult stresser games that I've been playing recently. Thanks so much for making this!

Really creepy experience! Some really weird things too like the bathroom lol 

What a cocktail of excitement and terror.

The Silent Hill references were a little on the nose, but it was fairly good overall. Seemed like a strange place to end it though.

i cant get it to unzip. at all.

Same here...

That's so weird try to download again.

that's what she said...

While at the time there wasn't an english version, I really liked the vibe of the game. Even more so because I didn't understand what was shown to me. Keep it up.

J'ai bien aimé le jeu et  son ambiance parfaitement lugubre! Mais qu'arrive-t-il à Julia? Embrasse-t-elle son destin dans les bras du lapinou à la tronçonneuse? Vivement la suite!

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