A downloadable game for Windows

There are 7 prohibited OVAs from the Otomi series. Whoever sees them will be killed by Hanami, the protagonist of the series. 

Daniel is a kid who has seen the OVAs and now he must stop Hanami. So he decides to look for the VHS tapes in an Arcade Center where a friend of his lost them.

To stop Hanami, he must kill her. To do so, it's necessary to find the 7 VHS tapes and with this Hanami will appear along with 4 talismans that should be used as bombs.

This game was made for a Gamejam. You can play the Android version from the link below:





Put a talisman on the floor------- F


Minimum system requirements :

SO: Windows 7 64 Bits

CPU: Intel i3


VIDEO CARD: Nvidia 710 or equivalent.


Install instructions

Extract using Winrar and play.


Hanami OVAs (64 Bits) 88 MB

Also available on


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Great fun hilarious and scary the anime slender game haha i played the android version only critism is the controls but i get that android controls arent great generally so good game all round chaps

omg... this scared the SH*T outta me!! great game... 10/10 scary, almost like Arthur's Nightmare.... and I made a vid about that game and it's my most popular! lol anyways... I sweating of being scared because, damn this game XD

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This game was great! I can't wait to see more from Vanadial.

Ok, so I was able to download it and had a fun time playing it. 

The Atmosphere is really beautiful in terms of graphics. The game itself is simple and straight to the point and even managed to get a few jump scares out of me. 

The music when you cut the lights on was great and Hanami in her own right was scary enough with her constant laughter going on. 

So all in all, I really enjoyed the game. It was an overall fun experience and so far as managed to get the best jump scare I ever recorded out of me. So kudos on that as well.

Great game overall, definitely worth playing. 

It's basic but still good. Hanami is Waifu doe. <3

so, slenderman in other words?


The game is great and  atmosphere is awesome i liked it , i hope you enjoy my gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mom3dB-hM-k

I tried the Pc version thanks for this good game Dev :))

Hi, why did you dont use the talisman on the floor pressing F key?

I want to do it in the hard way :)